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  • Expand Your Fundraising With An Online Raffle

    Expand Your Fundraising With An Online Raffle &

    How It Works

    Are You a Legitimate Charity/NonProfit

    Hosting a Raffle requires you to be a CHARITY/NONPROFIT organization. Raffles are only for LEGITIMATE charities. If you are representing a charity and want to host a raffle event you …


    Do You Have a Credit Card Processor

    The law requires that the non-profit handles all the transactions and many states require the charity to maintain a separate raffle bank account for orders. We can link to just about any Credit Card…

    You’re starting a raffle- that’s great!

    Using Chance2Win to host your new online raffle website will not only increase your donation audience, it will also help you keep track of all those donations in one easy to find place, your dashboard. No more going around door to door to sell tickets, those days are in the past. Share your raffle link via text, email and even on social media! For traditional raffles your site has a feature that allows you to manually enter ticket purchases just in case you run into someone who wants to pay cash. All online contributions are processed via your charity’s credit card processor such as Stripe, Square, or Authorize.net and the donations are deposited securely right into your bank account. You can enter manual and offsite ticket sales via your charity dashboard so that all your record keeping is in one place. When the raffle is finished, you can download the contact spreadsheet to use for future raffles.

    We are going to simplify all of your work and help you increase donations

    If you have ever worked on a charity raffle or fundraiser you know the struggle of getting volunteers to offer raffle tickets, handling the cash, and the promptness needed in returning the cash and ticket stubs when the raffle ends. STRESSFUL!

    Now that the raffle is over you will need to contact the winner. Did people write their name down? Is it legible? Did the volunteer who received the donation from that ticket put their initials on it so they can help you identify the person, or are you going strictly by the ticket number? If you are only using numbers, then how will you contact the winner? This sounds like a BIG DILEMMA!

    What People Are Saying

    Why Host Your Online Raffle on Chance2Win?

    Hosting a Raffle on Chance2Win is super easy! It takes the pain and headaches out of hosting a fundraising raffle! Until now, there has never been an easy way to track and offer online tickets for raffles, this means many lost opportunities for donations. Take charge of your next raffle with Chance2Win

    More Info

    Hassle Free

    Managing a traditional raffle is hard work. It can be time consuming and stressful. Hosting your raffle with Chance2Win is easy and painless, leaving you more time to create, market and sell raffle tickets.

    Increase Contributions

    Chance2Win supercharges raffle development by providing extremely flexible pricing options and multiple tiered ticket packages. You can build creative custom raffles, proven to drive increased ticket contributions.

    Build Your Audience

    Social sharing is built right into Chance2Win. Reach and influence people where they spend most of their time, online. Chance2Win.org raffles are optimized to be shared via email and on social media sites. You can even sponsor your own ad on Facebook & Instagram to reach even larger audience.