Print Your Own Charity Raffle Tickets and Make a Difference with Every Ticket Sold!

Get ready to revolutionize your charity raffle with the power of virtual tickets! Benefits of Printing Your Own Charity Raffle Tickets Printing your own charity raffle tickets comes with a plethora of benefits that will make your fundraising efforts even more successful! Not only does it allow you to take full control of the ticket […]

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Why You Need a Set of Rules for Your Online Raffle

Every non-profit fundraising raffle will need a set of rules. At the end of this article we include a link to a sample rules document. Those rules were setup for large raffles and every State and many...

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Why Transitioning to an Online Raffle Event is a Game-Changer for Fundraising

Get ready to level up your fundraising game with the power of online raffle events! Hosting an online raffle event opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities for you charity’s fundraising success. By embracing this innovative approach, you can reach a wider audience, tap into new donor pools, and maximize your fundraising potential. Embrace […]

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Online Raffle Generator

With all the lockdowns and limitations that come with Covid, many non-profits and charities face the same online fundraising problems. Many schools and organizations have a spring fundraiser where...

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Virtual Tricky Tray

After doing tens of thousands of online fundraising raffles, we started working on our Virtual Tricky Tray Software to do online Chinese Auctions and Raffles for fundraisers...

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Online raffles are safe and secure with Chance2Win

Taking credit cards with a traditional raffle can be a challenge. Multiple people have access to that information and the process is flawed. At Chance2Win, that problem is gone. Your donors checkout in a secure environment and at no time is the financial information stored on our site. holds customer information privacy to […]

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Now you have Real Time Reporting with your online raffle

Traditional raffles have one major flaw for the person who has to manage it.  There is no reporting.  The Non-Profit Board always wants to know how many tickets have been issued, how much money has been raised, etc.   The reality is that until the ticket is drawn and sometimes a week after, you really do […]

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Share, Engage and Convert donations with an online raffle

Reach and influence people where they spend their time. If you think back to when you are young, all the churches had traditional raffles.  Remember all those family picnics.  A few of the members walked around and sold raffle tickets.  Everyone carried cash and the audience was great.  A few weeks before the event, the […]

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Managing an online raffle can be easy

Does the thought of doing the annual fundraising raffle stress you out?  If you are the one organizing it, most likely it does.   The whole process is like herding cats and the time it takes to find out how many tickets have been sold, handing out and collecting ticket stubs, and trying to make sure […]

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