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    How to do an online basket raffle

    Basket Raffles, also known as a Chinese Auction or Chinese Raffle are a great way to raise funds online for your Charity or NonProfit.  To be honest, we have been hosting and building websites for traditional raffles for so long it was not until a few years ago that many organizations started asking us to do build something to do them.  As far as we know, Chance2Win is… Continue reading

    Who can host an online charity raffle?

    Am I a legitimate charity?

    TO BE EXTREMELY CLEAR – WE ARE NOT OFFERING ANY LEGAL ADVICE. People in general want to do good and help others – it is in our nature. The challenge is that raffles, especially charity raffles for fundraising are a regulated article. I bet you are now wondering, why is that? To be honest, we are not exactly sure. In many states the laws and… Continue reading

    Notes about Credit Card Processing

    So you want to know about Credit Card Processing..

    Here is a little overview of how our Chance2Win works.

    Your raffle website is created and hosted by us but is technically the Charity’s website. The charity raffle is created on the site and then you begin “sell” tickets to your audience. When a contribution/ ticket purchase is made that payment is processed directly with the Charity/Non-Profit Organization’s Merchant Account (Credit… Continue reading

    How to get your Stripe API keys

    Get your API keys from Stripe

    Get your API keys from Stripe:

    Click “Developers” → “API Keys” in the left menu item.

    Make sure that you are not using test data. If this is the case, switche the View test data toggle. Test API keys will not work.

    Copy the value from the Publishable key row, from the Token column. It should look like pk_live_somelongrandomvaluelikeVqFze9etc

    Copy the value from the… Continue reading