About Chance2Win online raffles

We have been building online raffle and fundraising software for several years and until now, you needed to have a dedicated website to use our solutions. For those who want a dedicated website for their online raffle and have a web developer, we offer raffle ticket generator wordpress and woocommerce plugins at wpRaffle.com.

Over the years, the input we have gotten from our customers, is how hard it is to do traditional raffles.   With the way that our society is changing, it is just more and more difficult to manage a raffle, unless you a good online solution.

For example – look at the typical scenario and timeline:

For a raffle for a fall festival where you will sell raffle tickets during Sept and Oct.

  • June

    check-mark Work on finding a printer and getting ticket designs.

  • July

    check-mark Refine and approve tickets and get them printed

  • August

    check-mark Get with members and distribute tickets

  • Someone has to manage the list of tickets and who has what
  • Sept and October – Members sell tickets
  • check-mark Limited audience
  • check-mark People don’t carry cash
  • check-mark Come back next week
  • check-mark Offer a ticket via paypal – but then the people are upset that they didn’t their ticket stub!
  • check-mark Sure you can promote on social media – but members still have to go and meet personally to give tickets
  • check-mark No way to monitor or offer ticket packages – like 1 for $10, 3 for $25, 8 for $50 etc.  See our other article why this is so important.
  • check-mark No real time reporting or tracking – you have no idea what is sold, what is remaining, who needs more tickets, who has not been selling tickets.
  • October – time for drawing
  • check-mark Running around collecting tickets and donations
  • check-mark Of course some members have swapped books so the spreadsheet of who has what is messed up – AGAIN
  • check-mark Night before drawing and there are still a dozen books of tickets unaccounted for!
  • Fall Festival – Drawing
  • check-mark And the winner is!!!!  Darn, we can’t read the writing on the ticket.  “Hey Joe, didn’t you sell this ticket, any idea who this is?”

Perhaps this sounds familiar if you have ever been involved in a raffle.   These are exactly the reasons why we created Chance2Win.

With Chance2Win, our proven software has powered hundreds of online raffles.  Only now you do not need a website, you can quickly and easily be up and running in 1 business day and then share your link to your raffle.   When someone makes a donation, it is sent directly into your stripe account via their credit card transaction.  The donor gets an email with the ticket numbers they have been assigned and you have their information for future marketing events.