Yogi Bear Jellystone Respite Vacation

1 Ticket for $20.00
6 Tickets for $100.00
15 Tickets for $250.00

WIN a FREE 5-night family vacation in a 2-bedroom Ranger Retreat cabin at Jellystone Park in Cave City, KY during the A Mother’s Rest 2nd Annual Family GLAMP Trip June 23-28, 2019! Valued at over $1200! Sleeps 6 children and 2 adults. Includes all park amenities, including their new Karst Beach!(For more info visit https://www.jellystonemammothcave.com/campsites-cabins/rangers-retreat-2-bedroom-cabins/) 2nd 3rd, & 4th place wins up to $500 towards the cost of their own cabin


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Charity Website: http://www.amothersrest.org
Charity FB: https://www.facebook.com/amothersrest/
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Entrants must be a parent or caregiver to a child or adult with disabilities, a spouse to a wounded veteran, a special educator, and/or a caregiver to their own elderly parent at home to qualify. Individuals can also enter to GIFT the trip to a family who does qualify to attend. All contributions support the purchase of our respite B&B in Maryland. (for more info visit https://www.amothersrest.org/donate-invest)

Raffle Rules

1) Winner must qualify to attend an AMR retreat (or gift the trip to a qualified family) : parents of children/adults with disabilities, spouses of wounded or post-deployment veterans, special educators, and/or those caring for their own parents at home.
2) Giveaway runs from July 18-Dec 15, 2018, midnight eastern time.
3) All proceeds support our respite inn in New Market, MD.
4) Contributions are NOT tax deductible unless you GIFT the trip to a qualified family.
5) Winner will be chosen randomly and electronically through this platform.
6) If the winner is unable to attend at the last minute, a second winner will be pulled.
7) Entrants from anywhere inside the US are welcome.
8) Free entry possible by sending a “request raffle entry” note card to AMR PO Box 131 Monrovia, MD 21770.
9) If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to our bed and breakfast respite inn, you can do so directly on our website at https://www.amothersrest.org/donate-invest


1 ticket for $20.00, 6 tickets for $100.00, 15 tickets for $250.00, ticket for $