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  • Charity Instructions

    Charity Instructions

    Setting up your charity and raffle is very simple. Here are the cliff’s notes version to get you started.

    1. Sign up to become a charity and host a raffle. Raffles are only available for legitimate charities. Please allow for 1 business day for us to review your application. Once we approve your charity, you will receive an email.

    2. Once you have been approved, you will need to login to your charity dashboard at https://chance2win.org/my-account

    3. When you have logged in, you need to select and purchase a raffle package to continue.

    Once you have purchased your raffle package.  You can begin to setup your Charity and Raffle.

    4. Setup your Credit Card Processing and link it to your charity.
    Login to the Charity Dashboard and Select Edit Charity Info.

    In the Charity info screen, there is a connect to Stripe button – Click that button to be securely transferred to Stripe to configure your credit card processing.

    You also need to finish setting up your charity page.  You can add an additional email address to your account so another person in the charity will get alerts for contributions, etc.  We also suggest adding a Charity photo of your logo, etc. to help add legitimacy to your raffle.


    5. Configure and Edit your Raffle:

    From your charity dashboard – select Edit/View Raffles and then Add Raffle.


    Enter the name and description for your raffle and click next.

    Add images of your prizes and your raffle rules.  We have a sample set of rules for you to use as template if you want.

    Finally add your ticket options.

    Once you have added all the information for your raffle and connected Stripe, please email us at support@chance2win.org so we can review your raffle and put it live for you.  If you have any questions, please email us at support@chance2win.org and we will be happy to assist you.