Regular Fellows Foundation is a non-profit organization that follows the creed of “People Help People”. Our team is focused on serving the community with bridging the gap of necessity and resources. There are companies with great initiatives and desires to help the community but we are on the ground and create an environment of trust and love for those in need. Poverty and no resources create lack of confidence or acceptance that a happy and healthy lifestyle does not exist. With our programs and events, we create a loving giving environment and lasting access to resources to improve the community’s confidence. Our outreach in the community stretches to services in family homeless shelters, school supplies, local resources, financial literacy education and other needs that result in the uplift in the community. There are over 100 volunteers that attend our events, programs and activities throughout the year. Regular Fellows Foundation is requesting your donation in order to assist us to serve the community with Turkey Baskets. Our goal is to distribute 150 baskets along with feeding 1000 people a warm Thanksgiving Dinner.

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