Cow Chip Fundraiser Raffle

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November 5, 2022
cow chip bingo fundraising idea

Cow Chip Fundraiser Raffle

Have a cow! It’s a Cow Chip fundraiser, Man!

Have you ever heard of Cow Chip Bingo? If not that’s ok, most people haven’t heard of this country style event.

How does a Cow Chip Bingo Fundraiser work?

You will need a flat, grass location like a soccer field or high school football field. The field gets roped off and then divided into squares with each square having a number assigned.
Each square is then sold for a set price, price your squares reasonably so that all will sell, but high enough to raise funds. For example, you could offer 500 squares for $20 each or offer a discount if they buy multiple squares at a time.
Now, I bet you’re wondering what the prize is right? A Cow Chip Bingo is very similar to a 50/50 raffle fundraiser, so that means that the winner would receive half the total amount taken in as the prize for the winning square/ticket.
When all the squares have been sold then a winner can be selected. Moooove over paper tickets, this is where the Cow comes in.. literally. The first square that the Cow leaves a “pie” will be deemed the winner!

Cow Chip Bingo & Other Fundraising Event Activities

Now, we all know that there is nothing exciting about waiting around for a cow drop poo.  This event is usually done in conjunction with an in-person event or otherwise known as a hybrid fundraising event.  All tickets are sold online and then on the day of the in-person event you do not have to worry about selling paper tickets or handling any cash.  All you need to worry about is walking the cow to the field, you don’t even have to worry about selecting a winner because the cow does that. By pairing an online fundraiser with an in-person fundraiser you can raise a lot of funds for your charity in a lot of different ways.
By providing live music and food you could draw an even larger crowd. For example, you could offer barbecue and you can have the high school band play or even have a talent show.
Make it a family event by offering children’s activities like face painting or bounce houses and draw  the attention of older children with fun games like Dunk the Principal.

How to Market a Cow Chip Fundraiser

Due to its rarity, a cow chip fundraiser is sure to attract curiosity. Put together a creative ad campaign explain how the event works with a QR code to your online ticket sales.
Schedule social media posts that keep supporters updated on how many tickets are left and introducing the cow that will be selecting the winner.

The key is to make fundraising fun and with a Cow Chip Bingo Fundraiser you are sure to gave fun!

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