Share, Engage and Convert donations with an online raffle

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September 22, 2016

Share, Engage and Convert donations with an online raffle

Reach and influence people where they spend their time. If you think back to when you are young, all the churches had traditional raffles.  Remember all those family picnics.  A few of the members walked around and sold raffle tickets.  Everyone carried cash and the audience was great.  A few weeks before the event, the church members took the tickets to the kids ball games and dance rehearsal and sold tickets.   Unfortunately, those days have changed and the group picnics and family days are becoming less and less. People rarely carry cash and it there is no way you can send the kids door to door in the neighbor to sell tickets to your neighbors.  

But your organization still needs to raise funds and a raffle is a great way to get donations and some lucky winner will get a prize. Fortunately Chance2Win is setup to take your raffle and move it into the 21st Century. raffles are optimized to engage and convert in social media and on mobile devices. Social sharing is built right into

When you host your non-profit fundraising raffle on Chance2Win, you are now able to market to friends and supporters all over the US.  From your raffle page, you can just click and share to all of your family and friends.  Find some Facebook groups that are relevant to your prize and share with them and you have a whole new list of supporters you never knew about.  You are no longer limited to the people your members see on a daily basis, you can receive contributions from anyone with a computer or smart phone.

Our current customers are averaging about a 6x increase in donors when they promote their online fundraising raffle with the same enthusiasm and effort as they do with a traditional raffle.

Expand Your Fundraising With An Online Raffle

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