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  • Fundraising Requirements

    Want to host a fundraising Giveaway on Chance2Win.org?

    First check to see if your giveaway meets these 3 simple rules:

    Legitimate Charity

    You must be a legitimate Charity or Non-Profit. We only host legal fundraising raffles. The Charity or Non-Profit Organization is responsible for making sure their fundraiser complies with all local laws and regulations.

    There are some states that do not allow online fundraising raffles for charities such as WA, HI, AL,NJ and UT so your nonprofit base office cannot be in those states.

    Credit Card Processing

    There are many options for Credit Card Processing. Your organization will need a supported CC processing account such as Authorize.net, Stripe, Square. PayPal does not allow processing for raffles so we will not accept PayPal. We recommend that you secure CC processing before signing up for our service. Both Stripe and Square offer quick turnaround for merchant account approvals.

    Qualified Giveaway Item

    We are unable to host fundraisers where the Giveaway Prize is a regulated weapon (Guns or Ammo) or Alcohol in many cases. If you have a prize that falls into this category, please contact us to see if it is possible.

    To Host Your Online Raffle

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    Is right for you?

    Chance2Win offers services for Non-Profit and Charitable fundraisers in the United States. The rules and regulations on who can do a charitable online raffle or 50-50 sweepstakes vary by State. This information changes all the time and we cannot provide legal advice for your situation. Currently we do not offer services for those non-profits who are registered in AL, HI, KS, NJ, UT, or WA. There could be other states that do not allow non-profits to do charitable fundraising online that we are not aware of.


    US –Except AL,HI,KS,NJ,WA,UT

    MUST be an OFFICIAL NonProfit
    and/or Charity and verifiable
    with the IRS.

    CC Processing Account for the organization

    Features and Options

    • Tickets emailed to contributors
    • Charity dashboard with reports on contributions
    • Live online drawing
    • Multi prize basket or Chinese style raffles
    • Max contributions ( UNLIMITED**)
    • Export and print tickets
    • Export contributor info
    • Custom ticket numbers
    • Import offsite tickets
    • Manual entry of offsite tickets
    • Coupon codes
    • Custom branded tickets
    • Configurable service charge %

    **Chance2win is happy to work with giveaways of just about any size. Please give us a call at 813-699-9325 to discuss your needs. We also can do a custom raffle website for you.


    Chance2Win.org provides a raffle website hosting platform for your charitable internet raffle/giveaway. Our pricing is based on the transactional volume of your website. Our hosting fees are charged in a separate invoice and transaction to your charity, Chance2Win.org does not collect a percentage of your giveaway/raffle contributions. All funds for contributions are processed directly with your charities credit card payment processor. Chance2win.org does not touch any of your charities contributions.

    Chance2Win operates on a pay as you go schedule. When you approach the maximum amount of contributions for each level, you will be invoiced for the next level for the difference. The prices shown below are the prices of each level. For example. If you choose the starter package for our $279, when you collect $5000 in contributions, you will be invoiced for $120 to allow for $10,000 in contributions, which is $399 total. Each additional $10,000 in contributions is $259.

    Hosting Fees:

    $279 for up to $5,000

    $399 for up to $10,000

    $259 for each $10,000 after

    *Chance2Win, by default, allows the Charity to add a Service Charge to each order to help offset hosting and credit charge processing charges. Our Chance2Win default is 7% This is available on a per Charity basis for all contributions and is configurable.