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  • Raffle Website Features

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    Until now, it was hard to offer online raffle tickets for your raffle.

    Hosting a Raffle with Chance2Win is super easy and it takes the pain and stress out of hosting a fundraising raffle!



    Dedicated Raffle Website

    Each Charity gets their own fully functional and secure raffle website to host their raffle. It is setup on our robust servers and is optimized for maximum results for your raffle. It include built in social media sharing, full reporting and is linked directly to your charity’s credit card processing account.

    Supports tiered ticket package pricing
    Traditionally raffles were offered with a single ticket price, for example $10. With a Chance2Win raffle, you can offer, for example, 1 for $10, then 3 for $20, then 10 for $50, then 20 for $75, etc. This is a proven way to increase donations and all the reporting is handled for you. In the dashboard you can see exactly who ordered what, and which ticket packages sold how many. This is invaluable marketing information for your next raffle.

    Manual Order Entry for Offline Ticket Sales
    If you want to take phone orders or process tickets for cash or check, you can login to your dashboard and do manual order entry and the customer will receive an email with the ticket receipts. If you have events and want to sell printed tickets, no problem, we have a way for you to import a spreadsheet of tickets into your website for consolidated data. You can

    Support Multiple Raffles and Multiple Prize Options
    Holding a Basket Raffle aka Tricky Tray style Raffle/Auction. Our new Basket Raffle Feature allows you to sell ticket packages, and your supporters can scroll through the various prizes to assign their tickets to the desired prizes. When all tickets are distributed, they can check out and they get a receipt with their ticket numbers and the prize baskets they choose to be entered in.

    For a more traditional raffle, you can offer up to 10 Prizes that can support the Live Drawing functionality. Such as a Grand Prize, First Prize, Second Prize, etc. The prizes in this scenario are chosen at random by our drawing software.

    Website Live Drawing Feature
    When your raffle is over, you have a few different ways to pick a winner. Our automated software can do a digital random winner selection to select up to 10 prize or place winners in a traditional raffle. Or all the basket prizes in a basket raffle. You can also export all the ticket data and have a print shop do a mail merge to print paper tickets. We also have an option to print pages of paper tickets in various formats and use that old paper cutter and then put all the tickets in the bowl and do an in-person traditional drawing.

    Reduce Stress of Running a Raffle

    • Easy to share and promote your raffle with your link on social media and email.
    • Login to the dashboard and get real time donations and ticket information.
    • Easy to look up contributions and tickets for those people who call and cannot find their email with their ticket numbers on it.
    • You set a start and stop date so the raffle appears at the right date and time and stops at the right day and time.

    Easy Raffle Management
    You can choose to receive an email every time tickets are sold so you know how your raffle is doing.

    Complete Money Management

    With a traditional raffle, managing the funds can be a nightmare. Now you never have to stress of who has what tickets and what cash. All the tickets are processed securely via Your Charity’s Credit Card Processing. You have full reporting on the Chance2Win raffle website and full reporting with your CC Merchant.

    We link your online raffle website with your Credit Card Merchant Account, like Authorize.net, Stripe or Square. Depending on your Merchant Account, you will have access to those funds immediately.

    Database of Customer Info

    You can export all your donors so that you can market to them in the future. Automatically you have access to:

    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • Mailing Address
    • Contribution Amounts

    What is the Cost?

    Chance2Win allows your charity to host a raffle or raffles. You will get your own fundraising raffle site setup on our server. You must be a legitimate charity/non profit, verifiable via the IRS website and you will need a valid credit card processing account. Your credit card processing will also charge a fee and that depends on your CC processor. The 2 popular ones, Square and Stripe, charge approximately 2.9% plus $.30 transaction fee.

    There are two packages to choose from:

    • Starter: $279 which allows up to $5,000 in ticket sales
    • Elite: $399 which offers up to $10,000 in ticket sales

    Each Additional $10,000 in ticket sales is $259. When your total ticket sales limit is reached, you will be invoiced to the next level to continue your raffle.

    We do offer the option for the charity to charge a service charge on orders to offset that cost and by default we set that at 7.5% so most organizations have a zero net cost between credit card fees and their raffle website fees in the end.