Why Host Your Online Raffle on Chance to Win?

Until now, there was not an easy way to offer online raffle tickets for your raffle.  Hosting a Raffle on Chance to Win is super easy and it takes the pain and stress out of hosting a fundraising raffle!  These are just a few reasons why hosting a Raffle on Chance to Win is a no brainer!

1. Increased Donations

  1. We surveyed a handful of our customers who have been using our online raffle software and asked for comparisons from the current way to the old way of hosting a raffle and the results are all pretty much the same.   On average an online raffle with ticket packages saw an average donation increase of about 5.5 times and the overall campaign grew 6.5x.
  2. Create tiered ticket package pricing
    • Traditionally raffles were offered with a single ticket price for example $10.  A sample of our website customers shows that on average, creating a ticket package scenario where you offer for example 1 for $10, then 3 for $20, then 10 for $50, then 20 for $75, etc.  The average donation on our samples went from $11.18 to $64.53 per donation.
  3. Offer online tickets
    • Our sample data shows that on average expanding the marketing reach online vs the typical door to door raffle has an increase of approximately 650% per campaign.
  4. Expand your market
    • You are not longer limited by geography. You can share your raffle throughout the US.  Friends and Family can now help support your cause as well.


2. Reduce Stress of Running a Raffle

Easy to share and promote your raffle with your link on social media and email.

Login to the dashboard and get real time donations and ticket information.

Easy to look up contributions and tickets for those people who call and cannot find their email with their ticket numbers on it.

You set a start and stop date so the raffle appears at the right date and time and stops at the right day and time.


3. Get Donations Right Away

We send all donations directly to your stripe account.  You will have access to those funds immediately.


4. Get a Database of All Your Donors

You can export all your donors so that you can market to them in the future.  You are able to import them into a mailing list for bulk mailings.


What is the Cost?

Chance to Win charges of hosting service fee of  $79 for up to $2500 worth of donations, although, we offer the option for the donors to donate the service charge back to the charity at the time of checkout to offset that cost.  Chance2Win will invoice the Charity weekly and will process payment at that time.   Stripe, like any  payment processor, charges a fee, currently it is approximately 2.9%.