How to create an online raffle

Starting your own online raffle is a simple process with Chance2Win.

Getting started is easy!

Begin by choosing the fundraising package that best suits your charity's needs. Next, register using your charity EIN and wait for verification. Once verified, you can begin creating your online fundraiser.
Upon checkout you will be asked to provide your organizations EIN.
Most organizations are approved within 24 hours of purchasing their package.
Your login information includes your event link, username and system generated password.

Traditional Raffle Fundraising

This is our most popular package.
Traditional raffles are grand prize or multi-prize events where supporters  purchase entries for a chance at winnning any of the prizes being offered.

Examples include: 50/50, Vehicle, Tuition, Cruise, Sports Tickets, etc.

Packages Start at


Add Unlimited Prizes
3 Design Options
Goal Meter
Print Tickets
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Basket Raffle Fundraising

A modern twist on a classic.
A basket raffle is an event where supporters buy packs of tickets and then "drop" their tickets in the prize they hope to win. If they do not enter a ticket for a prize, they are not eligible to win that prize.
A basket raffle is a very popular fundraiser among school PTA's, churches and youth groups.

Packages start at


Add Unlimited Prizes
Multiple Admins
Print Tickets
Buy a Package

Donation Fundraising

No prizes, just donations.
Crowdfunding sites are strictly for the use of collecting donations. Donor reports are available by download if you wish to send gifts to donors.

Yearly Package


Admins: 2
Donation Meter
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Let your creativity flow when creating your
online raffle fundraiser!

You can easily create your online raffle fundraiser without any coding or ecommerce knowledge.
Watch a Tutorial
Add an attention grabbing title to the top of your fundraising page.
Give your vistors a detailed description of your event and why you're raising funds.
Tell your visitors who your charity supports and why.
Add unlimited images of your prizes as well as any graphics like banners or flyers.
Create your own ticket options.
Add your own set of custom rules.
Proudly display your sponsor logos right on your fundraising site.
After the above, connect your preferred payment processor (stripe, square, for seamless payment transactions. Finally, share your custom link with all your enthusiastic supporters.

It's more than just a raffle website!

From you admin dashboard you can view all of your online raffle's progress and more.
View totals at a glance as well as thorough customer reports.
Add cash, check or free tickets from your admin dashboard.
View individual Customer Orders
Your supporter will receive an email summary of their entries sent right to their inbox.
Track all your sales with single level or multi level seller tracking.
Print blank tickets or prefilled tickets from your online fundraising event.
Once winners have been selected, you can add the winning ticket numbers to your landing page

Unlock your fundraising potential

It's important to note that conducting an online raffle follows the same principles as a traditional one, except that all transactions occur on your fundraising website rather than in person.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a multi prize raffle the same as a basket raffle?
No! They are completely different types of fundraisers. A basket raffle is a fundraiser with multiple prizes and supporters are only eligible to win a specific prize if they added their ticket to that prize; where as a multi prize event has multiple prizes and your supporters entry is eligible for any prize being offered.
Can we incentive the ticket pricing?
Absolutely! Our studies have shown us that supporters are more likely to purchase more when incentived ticket pricing is offered.
Can Chance2Win give me legal advice?
No! Chance2Win is not a legal team, we are a team of designers and developers. Consult with your local government in regards to rules and regulations for your state.
Can we use PayPal for our raffle?
No! PayPal cannot be used on a raffle fundraiser design. Paypal can only be used on the donation designs.
How soon can we start raising funds?
Typically you can start raising funds as soon as 48 hours from when your organization is approved.

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