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  • Florida (yes)

    Florida allows online charity raffles.  Please see the following for more information:

    Fla. Stat. § 849.0935

    You need to be aware of sections 849.0935(3):
    All brochures, advertisements, notices, tickets, or entry blanks used in connection with a drawing by chance shall conspicuously disclose:
    (a) The rules governing the conduct and operation of the drawing.
    (b) The full name of the organization and its principal place of business.
    (c) The source of the funds used to award cash prizes or to purchase prizes.
    (d) The date, hour, and place where the winner will be chosen and the prizes will be awarded, unless the brochures, advertisements, notices, tickets, or entry blanks are not offered to the public more than 3 days prior to the drawing.
    (e) That no purchase or contribution is necessary.

    And of 849.0935(4)(b) To require an entry fee, donation, substantial consideration, payment, proof of purchase, or contribution as a condition of entering the drawing or of being selected to win a prize. However, this paragraph does not prohibit an organization from suggesting a minimum donation or from including a statement of such suggested minimum donation on any printed material used in connection with the fundraising event or drawing;

    Make sure you post this information in your raffle description and that you have an way for people to enter via mailing in a card, etc. in your rules.