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  • Is an online raffle legal?

    Yes, except in 5 states and for those 5 states, we will not accept raffles. The rules vary from state to state and dictate the requirements for ensuring that your online raffle meets all the legal requirements. For example: In many states, the non-profit must have a way for someone to enter the raffle without making a contribution, such as by mailing a single self-addressed stamped envelope, hand written per entry. California has a requirement that requires that 90% of the ticket gross goes to the charity, which would rule out the option to do 50-50 raffles in California. Some states require a permit to raffle items over $5,000. We provide a short summary by state for online raffles here. We would urge you to consult with legal counsel to make sure that your raffle meets all legal requirements.

    Chance to Win also has a sample rule template available to assist the non-profit in creating their rules to be posted on their raffle.