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Are you a Legitimate Charity?

Chance2Win is exclusively designed to cater to the needs of 501 (c)3 non-profit organizations registered with the IRS. We understand the unique challenges you face, and our platform is tailored to meet your fundraising requirements effectively.

Why use Chance2Win?

Chance2Win provides real time reporting so you can monitor ticket sales and progress towards your goal. Plus, with seller tracking and customizable checkout options, you'll be able to keep tabs on every aspect of your fundraiser.
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We utilized Chance2Win to run a very successful raffle for the Sua Sponte Foundation. Extremely responsive support, to included call(s) on the drawing day to confirm everything was good. Setup was easy and it is a very versatile platform to work within. I can highly recommend Chance2Win.
Paul Dittman
Google Review

What kind of Raffle Fundraisers are there?

Basket Raffle
A basket raffle is a fundraiser with multiple prizes and supporters are only eligible to win a specific prize if they added their ticket to that prize.
Progressive Raffle
This raffle has daily or weekly winners drawn while the raffle continues to sell entries.
Grand Prize
In this raffle participants buy a ticket for a chance to win the only prize being given otherwise known as the grand prize.
Duck Race
Ducks are given numbers which enables the participants to "adopt" a rubber duck for a small amount of money. If the rubber duck wins or places well, the participants will win money or a prize of some sort.
Ball Drop
Balls are assigned in successive order from a specific starting number. Once all the balls have been sold, they will be dropped from a building or helicopter and the one closest to the finish line is the winner.
Silent Auction
Supporters bid on prizes items anonymously. Once the bidding period has ended, the highest bidder is award the prize if the reserve bid has been met. 
Chance2Win is the perfect platform to help charities like yours transition from in-person fundraisers to a digital version — allowing you to raise more money for your cause, faster and easier than ever before.

What's the Cost?

We offer unbeatable prices without any hidden fees, ensuring every dollar you raise goes directly towards your cause. With Chance2Win, you can say goodbye to expensive solutions and say hello to cost-effective online raffle pricing.
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