New School Year, New Way To Raffle!

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August 7, 2018

New School Year, New Way To Raffle!

It’s a new age and a new school year!

Yay!! It is that time again! The kids are going back to school. You know what that means, right? School sports and clubs will be starting up again which means that there will be the opportunity to fundraise. Let’s say your child made the Cheer team like my daughter did last year. Now you are looking at uniforms, shoes, cheer bows, trips to competitions and more throughout the school year. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to keep asking the parents to pay for some many things? Why not try a raffle? There are 2 ways you can host a raffle. The first is a 50/50 raffle, in this raffle you will keep half the winning pot for your cheer team and the winner gets the other half. The second is raffling off a product like a Spirit Bag filled cool things like a bottle, shirt, bow and other fun things with the cheer team’s logo on it. In this raffle, you will received all the contributions and the winner will receive the Spirit bag. Hosting the raffle is easy and set up takes 5 minutes. You can run the raffle for as long as you would like and we can even pick your winning with a live drawing on our website.

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