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  • Bring your raffle into the 21st Century!

    An Easy to manage Online Raffle Fundraising Platform

    Significantly increase your fundraising revenue when you use Chance2Win to give your traditional raffle a makeover

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    Increase Donations

    Chance 2 Win offers the ability to create multi- tiered ticket packages with a proven record of increasing the average contribution significantly. This gives your donors additional chances to win and earn more money for your non-profit. We have done extensive research and have come to the conclusion that people are much more likely to give a larger donation if their chances of winning the raffle are more likely. For example, more people than not would rather buy 2 raffle tickets for $15 than one ticket for $10.00.

    Easy To Manage

    Back in the days of a traditional raffle people knew all their neighbor’s and typically one parent or member was asked to run around and sell tickets and manage the raffle. Today we are simply just too busy. With a traditional raffle, it could be an absolute nightmare to run it; you have to design and print tickets, then you have to distribute them to all your members, then keep track of who has what ticket number. Chance2Win uses online raffle technology to avoid those hassles. You simply setup your raffle, link your payment account, and start sharing your link to friends and family, allowing you to increase the audience far beyond the people that you see on a day-to-day basis.

    Real Time Reporting

    You can login to Chance2Win at any time and see real-time reports to see who has been making donations, what ticket packages are being purchased, how many tickets each person has purchased and you have funds available typically within 1 to 4 days. You can sort your information by date to see how many donations have been collected and tickets have been
    distributed by day, week, month or since the beginning of the raffle. You’ll also be able to see how many of each ticket package has been purchased. And of course you can see who has been donating along with their email, phone number, and address for each cause.

    Additional marketing

    This is probably the most overlooked value of hosting an online raffle fundraiser. With Chance2Win, exporting all of your customers and supporters information in a database with their names, phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses is simple. Now you’re able to take the information and put it into an email campaign to use for future fund raising efforts. It is important to remember that your existing customers are the easiest ones to re-market to; the cost of obtaining new customers is greater than the cost of keeping the customers that you have. Do not underestimate the power of knowing who entered your raffle and having that information at your fingertips.

    Safe and Secure

    Chance to win is an excellent way to process your online raffle entries. It uses the latest technology to ensure that all of your supporter’s information is secure and encrypted. Chance to win does not store consumer credit card information. Your
    supporter enters their payment information and it is encrypted and transmitted securely to the payment processor. At that time the credit card information is then destroyed so that it is not stored on the chance to win servers. We take every effort to ensure that your information is protected at all times. Our website is certified by Geo Trust for security.

    To Host Your Next Online Raffle

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