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Are You Registered to Fundraise in Florida?
Understanding Fundraising Registration Requirements in Florida Nonprofit organizations and charities operating in the state of Florida must... Read More
Unique Fundraiser Idea: The Exciting Car Show Basket Raffle with Chance2Win's Online Charity Raffle Platform
  Car Show Basket Raffle: A Family-Friendly Fundraising Sensation The Car Show Basket Raffle is the perfect... Read More
The Incredible Power of Paperless Raffle Winner Selection
  The Incredible Power of Paperless Raffle Winner Selection: How Chance2Win is Revolutionizing Raffle Drawings Introducing Paperless... Read More
Notify Basket Raffle Winners in 1 Click!
Announcing the NEW Way to Notify Online Basket Raffle Winners in Just 1 Click! The Easy and... Read More
Ignite Audience Excitement with a Progressive Raffle
Looking for a new and thrilling way to engage your audience? Look no further than Chance2win's Progressive... Read More
Run Your Raffle with No Upfront Fees
Are you tired of the hassle and upfront costs of running a raffle? Look no further because... Read More
Chance2Win Supports Local Non-Profit
At Chance2Win, we are not just about online raffles. We are passionate about making a positive impact... Read More
Print Your Own Charity Raffle Tickets and Make a Difference with Every Ticket Sold!
Get ready to revolutionize your charity raffle with the power of virtual tickets! Benefits of Printing Your... Read More
Why You Need a Set of Rules for Your Online Raffle
Every non-profit fundraising raffle will need a set of rules. At the end of this article we... Read More
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