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Online Raffle Fundraiser Generator for Non-Profit
How to Choose the Best Raffle Generators? Raffle generators are an incredibly useful and fun tool for... Read More
Why Transitioning to an Online Raffle Event is a Game-Changer for Fundraising
Get ready to level up your fundraising game with the power of online raffle events! Hosting an... Read More
Cow Chip Fundraiser Raffle
Have a cow! It’s a Cow Chip fundraiser, Man! Have you ever heard of Cow Chip Bingo?... Read More
What is a raffle fundraiser and how can you host one?
A great way to raise funds and awareness to your cause is by hosting a raffle fundraiser.... Read More
New Changes Coming this Summer!
Chance2Win is getting a whole new look to match all the new features! Read More
School Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money
Whether you are a local school raising money for new bike racks for students or a nationwide... Read More
Create a Virtual Fundraiser
Hosting a virtual fundraising event will change the way you fundraise! Raising funds online is not a... Read More
Raise Money With An Online Raffle
The term "raffle" is defined by experts as an event focused on collecting donations for a worthy... Read More
Host A 50 50 Raffle Online
50/50A 50/50 Raffle Event A 50-50 raffle fundraiser is a very alluring fundraiser.The 50-50 style raffle can... Read More

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