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Our raffle creator is here to make fundraising effortless. With no coding, website design, or ecommerce knowledge required, you can create an alluring fundraising site in no time.
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Traditional Raffles

A traditional raffle offers exciting rewards like a grand prize, scholarship, vehicle, vacation, or even multiple luxury prizes. Non-profit organizations often organize traditional raffle fundraisers to raise funds for their cause. In these fundraisers, promoters typically invite people to participate in person.

Instead of relying on face-to-face encounters, you can now share a QR code that allows your supporters to conveniently purchase as many tickets as they desire from the comfort of their own homes. The process is not limited by time or location; you can even sell tickets while you sleep! By seamlessly connecting your payment processor to our platform, your customers will receive their purchased tickets via email securely.
Embrace this modern approach with Chance2Win's virtual raffle system
raffle creator, fundraising ideas, basket raffle

Basket Raffles

Revitalize your fundraising efforts with the Chance2Win Basket Raffle! Say goodbye to the tedious task of hauling prizes around and constantly juggling cash and checks. With Chance2Win's online basket raffle, you can transform your event into a modernized experience that will reignite excitement in your supporters. Simply create a sleek landing page where you can effortlessly share event details, display captivating images, and highlight generous sponsors.

The best part? You can now raise funds from the comfort of your own home! By seamlessly integrating your payment processor, customers will receive their tickets via email for added convenience.
Make fundraising fun with Chance2Win's cutting-edge approach to basket raffles
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Online Giving

Elevate the influence of your charitable organization and easily generate funds with our user-friendly platform for donations! With chance2win, we have simplified the process of making a donation to ensure that your visitors can contribute effortlessly. Construct a webpage that effectively captures the essence of your cause and motivates others to give generously.

Demonstrate the impact of your charity by showcasing the total amount raised during your event. By offering customizable donation amounts, you empower your supporters to give according to their comfort level. Each donation is followed by automated email confirmations, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for both you and your generous donors.
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