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January 23, 2021
online raffle creator

Online Raffle Generator

What is an Online Raffle Generator?

An online raffle offers a secure checkout process, easy-to-use templates, and your own URL to text and share with your supporters. You can also showcase sponsors of the event on the page, making it easier for them to get involved. Plus, automated email confirmations make it easy for you and your supporters to keep track of orders and ticket numbers. With these features, hosting an online fundraising raffle using an online raffle generator has never been easier!
Hosting an online raffle is a great way to engage with your audience and create more buzz. It can be a fun and exciting experience for everyone involved. But, it can be daunting to figure out which platform to use for hosting an online raffle.

Luckily, there are two options available for hosting an online raffle that includes all the features you need: Chance2Win and WPRaffle.

With Chance2Win you can get your raffle up and running in no time with their turnkey solution. With pre-designed templates including the only Online Basket Raffle design, you don't even have to worry about coding! Say goodbye to time-consuming and tedious tasks like manually entering customer data from paper tickets — Use Chance2Win and simplify the process, so you can focus on growing your non-profit’s reach and fundraising goals!

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On the other hand, WPRaffle is a plugin for Woocommerce & WordPress that requires developer skills and knowledge. This plugin gives you full control over the design, rules and functions of your online raffle, allowing you to customize it according to your needs.

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The powerful and innovative tools were designed to make it easy to customize, share and manage your non-profit online raffle fundraisers, so you can create the perfect fundraising experience for your supporters.

Start leveraging the power of online ticket sales today!

Expand Your Fundraising With An Online Raffle

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