Online Raffle Generator

With all the lockdowns and limitations that come with Covid, many non-profits and charities face the same online fundraising problems.  Many schools and organizations have a spring fundraiser where they raffle off items that are donated and now are faced with the problem of needing an Online Raffle Generator. Fortunately, there are a few options for an online raffle website.

Chance2Win Online Raffle Generator

Call and setup a turnkey raffle website for your non-profit.  We will build your online raffle generator website for you and link your payment processor so your customers can purchase raffle tickets and get an email with the ticket numbers.  Your charity has access to reports with all the customer information so you can market to your supporters for future events.  Raffle tickets are generator automatically when the order is paid via the customers debit or credit card and Chance2Win can even be set to randomly select your winners. Chance2Win's Online Raffle Generator offers 2 types of virtual fundraising support currently.  One is the traditional raffle where you can offer one or many prizes and each ticket purchased is entered in to the drawing for all prizes.    The other type of fundraiser is often referred to as a  virtual basket raffle.  This is also sometimes called a tricky tray or chinese auction.  The customers purchase a set of tickets and then the customer selects from the various prizes of baskets to assign the ticket to.  Chance2Win is the original online basket raffle solution.

WPRaffle Online Raffle Generator

The second option is to use a WordPress and Woocommerce website and use the Online Raffle Generator module for woocommerce from  This module or plugin is brain child of the web developers who built much of the very first online raffle ticket generator software.  This option does require that you are an experienced web developer or you have a web developer.  This gives your organization a variety of options for your online raffle generator and can be completely custom for hosting a tradition virtual fundraiser raffle.  If you need to do an online basket raffle, the only option is with Chance2Win.

Either way, it is easy to do an online raffle.  If you want your own custom site, it requires a little skill and can take a few weeks to get setup and tested.  Or you can call and be up and running, raising money for your charity online within a week.  Just select your Online Raffle Generator Package to get started.

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