Online Raffle Success with Social Media Sharing

One of the most overlooked values in hosting an online raffle with Chance2Win is the built in Social Media sharing.  Chance2Win has social media integration for every page.
You can easily share your Charity Information and Raffle pages via Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, etc.

The key to success with an online raffle is to put as much enthusiasm and effort into it as a traditional raffle.  Make sure your members and associates share your online raffle to their Facebook and Twitter followers.  Our typical customer sees a significant increase in contributions and tickets when their organization is actively sharing their raffle on Social Media.

In a traditional raffle - you are providing tickets to your organizations members who are then going out and sharing it with their friends.  But other than placing some ads, that is pretty much your audience.

With a virtual online raffle at Chance2Win - now share your office on your Facebook page, and engage your members to also share it.  Introduce your raffle to various Facebook groups and with a click of a button your members can share your raffle to a much larger audience.


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