Raffle Rules

Every non-profit fundraising raffle will need a set of rules.  At the end of this article we include a link to a sample rules document.  Those rules were setup for large raffles and every State and many Counties within a State might have their own requirements.    It is up to your organization to make sure you provide accurate rules.

Here are some basic guidelines to include in your rules:

  • Include who is eligible to enter your raffle.  Any age requirements or resident requirements.
  • Include the Start and End date of your raffle.
  • Include the Drawing date and time and how the winner(s) will be chosen.
  • Include prize information, such as the value, where it will be picked up or delivery options.
  • Include tax and or title obligations if applicable.  Like for a car, the winner is responsible to insurance, tax and title.
  • Include any restrictions or requirements on certain prizes.  Like for a Nascar driving experience, winner must be 18 or over with a valid drivers license.  Or if there is wine in a basket raffle prize, that the winner must be 21 and show valid id to pick up the prize.
  • Include how to get a free entry if your area requires that.  Chance2Win does not include an online free entry method and most organizations say that a self addressed stamped envelope must be mailed between xx date and yy date for a free entry.  One per envelope and household, etc.
  • Include what the purpose is of the contributions for your raffle and how they will be used.  Such as new uniforms for the school team.

The above list is a good starting point.  You can also edit and modify these sample rules.

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