Now you have Real Time Reporting with your online raffle

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September 22, 2016

Now you have Real Time Reporting with your online raffle

Traditional raffles have one major flaw for the person who has to manage it.  There is no reporting.  The Non-Profit Board always wants to know how many tickets have been issued, how much money has been raised, etc.   The reality is that until the ticket is drawn and sometimes a week after, you really do not know the results.   Traditional raffles have no way to know who the donors are, and as such, you have no way to thank your donors and encourage them to help promote your raffle to their friends.   As much as you wish your members would turn in the those tickets, there are always a group that waits until the last minute.

With Chance2Win you have built in real time reporting. At any time you know exactly:

    check-mark Total $$ Contributions

    check-mark Total Tickets Issued

    check-mark Names, Emails, Address and Phone of all Donors
    check-mark Break down of ticket packages - how many got 1 ticket, 3 tickets, etc.
    check-mark How much $$ was contributed in a day or week or month.

The organization has specific information about the status of the raffle so they decisions can be made to congratulate the team on success or motivate the team to share and promote the raffle more.  You know how far you are to your fundraising goal at every minute.

Are you ready to setup your raffle?  Click here to get started with no upfront costs!

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