Raise Money With An Online Raffle

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March 7, 2022
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Raise Money With An Online Raffle

The term "raffle" is defined by experts as an event focused on collecting donations for a worthy cause. Participants purchase ticket sand winners are chosen at random. Raffle prizes vary in value from gift cards to local restaurants or even a car. Raffles can be held in various ways, from golf tournaments, spaghetti dinners, to school fairs and even more and more virtual events are being held these days.

Non-profits use raffles to raise money

Both in-person and online, Raffles are frequently used by nonprofits organizations to generate revenue. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as schools selling tickets to parents through their children or an organization selling tickets to the community. Raffles are occasionally held at in person fundraising events. More and more people are moving to a virtual fundraising event due to limited space for in person events and for a more streamlined process for their supporters. There are various types of raffles, from a basket raffle which allows the supporter to choose the prize they hope to win to while a traditional raffle which allows the tickets to be eligible to win any of the prizes offered with many others like 50/50 raffles, Queen of Hearts Raffle, Silent Auction and more.

How do you Spread the Word

Share the event with everyone and even ask your supporters to share the event with their friends too!
Even if someone has already bought a raffle ticket that doesn’t mean they won’t buy one again. Some people may be waiting on funds to become available, and some people may have forgotten, so it’s always best to share the event every few days depending on how long the event will be running.
Create a QR code to add to your event flyers. This way you can send your future supporter home with a link right to your raffle site.
Share your raffle link on your social media platforms as well as your website.
If you have any questions about our raffle packages, please contact our support team.

Expand Your Fundraising With An Online Raffle

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