School Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money

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June 8, 2022
school fundraising ideas

School Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money

Whether you are a local school raising money for new bike racks for students or a nationwide nonprofit raising funds for your community efforts, an online fundraising experience has the same foundations as an in-person event.

The end goal of an in-person or online fundraiser is the same, to bring awareness to your charity and raise money for your cause.

Let us show you how you can easily create a virtual fundraising event with Chance2Win.

Step #1: Have fun

Have “fun” with your fundraisers again, and with all your events! Of course, you want to have a successful fundraiser that has the potential to raise a lot of money for your organization, but you also want to ease the stress of handling a fundraiser.  Those who are the old pro’s know exactly what we mean.  Building a fundraiser to only accommodate in-person sales is a ton of work and over the years has gotten harder as more and more people do not carry cash.  By creating an online event, you no longer need to handle checks, tickets or carry prizes from one location to another.  This means that you can spend more time telling people about your event and creating fun marketing campaigns to promote it, ya know, the fun stuff.

While in the planning stages of your fundraising efforts, it’s important that imagine yourself as the contributor.

    • Does this event interest me?


    • What will my funds be supporting?


    • Why would I want to enter a campaign like this?


  • Would I share this with my friends and family?

This is the part where you put the “Fun” back into your fundraisers. When you use an easy online fundraising website like Chance2Win, you can easily create and manage a creative campaign that attracts donors and tells them exactly who you are and what their funds will be supporting by adding graphics and images about your event, add sponsors and even add all your social links so new contributors can follow you everywhere.

Step #2: Use a Reliable Online Fundraising Platform

Traditionally, fundraisers have been pretty laboring, but you already knew that! Lots of writing and deciphering and gathering is done by you, plus you’re a bit limited in your reach.  Most people are not going to mail a check or money order to enter your event even if it attracts them. However, those same people are much more likely to enter your online event where they can use their credit card securely.
As luck would have it, online fundraising platforms exist to help in scenarios such as these. While there are a few solutions out there, look for the one that makes the most sense for your organization.  Look for a platform that allows you to:

    • Customize the look and feel of your fundraiser


    • Have flexibility to create different types of fundraisers


    • Easily connect your payment processor to collect funds


  • Create a fun experience that everyone will enjoy

Did you know that, Chance2Win does all of these things and much more. With Chance2Win, you will be able to create an engaging fundraising campaign and keep track of all your orders in one place.

Step #3: Build new relationships

Creating a relationship with a new donor is a huge success for nonprofits and charities. An online event can easily be shared on social media, through email campaigns, on flyers with a QR code and even via text. By hosting your event virtually, you can present your charity or organization to a whole new audience and have the potential build many new, long-lasting relationships from new donors!

Step #4: Utilize your donor base

After your event has ended you can use your customer reports from your Chance2Win admin dashboard to send a personalized “Thank you” to all your supporters and show them how their efforts helped your cause.

Now that you see the similarities and advantages of having an online fundraiser, do you feel like your charity could use a virtual event to help them reach their fundraising goals?

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