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At Chance2Win we understand that transitioning your in person raffle fundraising event to an online event can be confusing.

Take a look at how an online fundraising event works with Chance2Win.

How are winners chosen?
Chance2win offers a few different ways to pick a winner and it is completely up to the charity. The charity can download tickets from the dashboard to print, or they can have our electronic random generator select the winner(s). A few States have a requirement to only do a physical paper ticket drawing, such as Colorado and Kentucky.
What does a Basket Raffle website look like?
When you setup your online Basket Raffle, you will out the form that asks for a fair amount of info. This video will go over the website and what info goes on the website pages.
What information is available for the charity regarding the raffle?
Chance2Win has a wide range of information for the charity. You can view each individual order as well as export the raffle ticket information and most importantly, you can download all the contributor information such as name, address, email and phone. Here is a short demo of the Charity backend.
What is the Customer Experience like?

Overview of the Customer Experience when hosting an Online Basket Raffle?
Chance2Win has recently added the ability to have a Basket Raffle, sometimes referred to as an Chinese Raffle or Chinese Auction. The customers purchase a number of tickets and then they can add the tickets to a number of prize baskets.
How to setup the Online Basket Raffle from the Charity Dashboard
Setting up your prize baskets is very easy. First define some Prize Categories – this makes it easy for your customers to filter the baskets. Then add prizes to each category. Each prize has an image, title and description.
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