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  • Saint Margaret Mary Parish

    Chance2Win was instrumental in the success of our summer festival! They’ve made it so easy to bring a physical raffle into the virtual realm. We used their services for both a standard raffle as well as a basket raffle, and the entire process was as smooth and simple as advertised. Their customer service team is incredible (huge shout-outs to Heather and Teo for their patience and prompt responses, even outside of normal business hours!!), and they were able to help us troubleshoot and correct any issue that came up throughout the raffle. Even our elderly and less tech savvy patrons were able to navigate the raffle sites and participate! The most common feedback we got from our patrons was that the sites were simple to use and looked so professional. There were some minor bugs that came up during the course of the raffles (mostly caused by patron user error), but those were few and far between and did not detract from the overall performance of our fundraising efforts. We highly recommend Chance2Win for any virtual raffle needs!