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  • What is the Cost?

    Chance2Win allows your charity to host a raffle or raffles. You will get your own fundraising raffle site setup on our server. You must be a legitimate charity/non profit, verifiable via the IRS website and you will need a valid credit card processing account. Your credit card processing will also charge a fee and that depends on your CC processor. The 2 popular ones, Square and Stripe, charge approximately 2.9% plus $.30 transaction fee.

    There are two packages to choose from:

    Starter: $279 which allows up to $5,000 in ticket sales
    Elite: $399 which offers up to $10,000 in ticket sales

    Each Additional $10,000 in ticket sales is $259. When your total ticket sales limit is reached, you will be invoiced to the next level to continue your raffle.

    We do offer the option for the charity to charge a service charge on orders to offset that cost and by default we set that at 7.5% so most organizations have a zero net cost between credit card fees and their raffle website fees in the end.