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Chance2Win originated as a side project created by The Web Design Ninja, a Florida-based web design company. The Web Design Ninja developed the leading online raffle ticket generator, which continues to be utilized worldwide for the majority of charitable raffles. This software was sold to web developers who aimed to facilitate online charity raffles for prominent charities.

Due to their extensive customer base in custom website creation, some regular clients began volunteering with various charities and nonprofit organizations. These clients were frequently approached and asked if they could assist in implementing simple websites for conducting online fundraising raffles for institutions such as churches, school PTOs, local fire stations, Rotary clubs, and Kiwanis groups. In response to these requests, The Web Design Ninja built Chance2Win as an affordable solution to aid friends and families involved in such endeavors.

Over time, the demand grew exponentially with numerous nonprofits expressing interest in utilizing an online raffle platform for their own organizations. Thus emerged the current form of Chance2Win today - a platform designed specifically to cater to the needs of these nonprofits seeking efficient ways of running successful online raffles.

Today, Chance2Win charity raffle platforms' have helped hundreds of charities raise millions of dollars.

Mission Statement

“To be a company that inspires giving. Our unwavered passion for charities, technology, and fundraising motivates us to create new and exciting ways to empower charities & non-profits with their fundraising efforts.”

Who is Chance2Win

We are small, intimate team consisting of designers, developers and customer service team members. We are based in the Tampa Bay Area of sunny Florida.
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Online Raffles Create Successful Fundraisers For Charities

Our local newspaper highlighted our presence. Take a moment to read the interview with Heather, where she shares how Chance2Win supports charitable organizations in their fundraising efforts.
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