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Charitable organizations like Veteran services, schools, churches, sports teams, LEO chapters, animal shelters, religious organizations and others are hosting more virtual and hybrid fundraising events than ever with Chance2Win.
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Check out our live demos to get a real-time view of how customers will interact with your online fundraiser.

Put the FUN back in your fundraiser

Chance2Win is the perfect platform to help you transition your in-person fundraisers to a digital version — allowing you to raise more money for your cause, faster and easier than ever before.
Basket Raffle
A basket raffle is a fundraiser with multiple prizes and supporters are only eligible to win a specific prize if they added their ticket to that prize.
Grand Prize
In this raffle participants buy a ticket for a chance to win the only prize being given otherwise known as the grand prize.
Ball Drop
Balls are assigned in successive order from a specific starting number. Once all the balls have been sold, they will be dropped from a building or helicopter and the one closest to the finish line is the winner.
Progressive Raffle
This raffle has daily or weekly winners drawn while the raffle continues to sell entries.
Duce Race
Ducks are given numbers which enables the participants to "adopt" a rubber duck for a small amount of money. If the rubber duck wins or places well, the participants will win money or a prize of some sort.
Silent Auction - Coming Soon!
Supporters bid on prizes items anonymously. Once the bidding period has ended, the highest bidder is award the prize if the reserve bid has been met. 

Unlock Your Fundraising Potential

Chance2Win is the perfect solution for organizations who want to raise funds with online charity raffles. Our virtual raffle site has all the features you need to host a successful fundraising event.
Share and Spread the Word
Easily share your virtual raffle on social media with your custom URL. Reach more people and spread the word about your fundraiser with  built-in social media sharing tools.
Payment Processor Integration
Connect Stripe, Square or Authorize.net in just a few steps and start fundraising like a pro!
Sponsor Section
Add sponsors to your homepage and proudly display their information along with thier logos.
Showcase Prizes
Showcase the amazing prizes you have on offer with eye-catching prize images to attract more attention to your cause.
Ticket Packages
Chance2Win lets you create tiered ticket packages so donors can choose the level of support they want to give.
Add Paper Entries
Chance2win allows you to add paper entries into the system – so you don't miss out on in-person sales.
Display Amount Raised Live
Show potential supporters how much money has been raised so far with our live display feature on your online fundraiser page.
Seller Tracking
With seller tracking enabled, you'll be able to keep tabs on who is actually promoting the fundraiser!
Pick the Winner Virtually
Save time by randomly selecting the winner using a paperless winner selection method - no need to print tickets and manually draw names from a hat!
Print Tickets Instantly
Chance2Win makes it easy to print tickets in bulk or buy date range. You can even choose to print either 24 or 44 tickets per page.
Opt-in Email at Checkout
Capture emails from supporters during checkout with our opt-in email option at checkout. This way you can build up an audience to easily reach out for future fundraisers or campaigns.
Add a Service Fee
Add a service fee to each ticket sold to cover processing charges and make sure you get the most out of your fundraiser.

Check out our live demos to get a real-time view of how customers will interact with your online fundraiser.

We utilized Chance2Win to run a very successful raffle for the Sua Sponte Foundation. Extremely responsive support, to included call(s) on the drawing day to confirm everything was good. Setup was easy and it is a very versatile platform to work within. I can highly recommend Chance2Win.
Paul Dittman
Google Review
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Our dedication to making a difference is what makes us unique.
We believe in the power of charity, which is why we offer incredible features at half the price. Your success is our success, and together, we can create meaningful change.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here. If you have a question not answered here, visit our full FAQ page or send us a message.
Instant Access to Funds
Chance2Win never holds your funds. Before you can sell your first ticket, you will need to connect your payment processor.  The Chance2Win platform currently connects with Stripe, Authorize.net & Square.
Excellent Customer Support
Our Florida based customer service team is always happy to help.  You can reach a team member at support@chance2win.org
Does my organization need to be a non-profit to use Chance2Win?
Yes! Chance2Win only services 501 c (3)charity and non-profit organizations registered with the IRS. As such, you will be asked to provide your EIN at checkout. 
Can Chance2Win give me legal advice?
No! Chance2Win is not a legal team, we are a team of designers and developers. Consult with your local government in regards to rules and regulations for your state. 
Does Chance2Win manage my fundraiser?
Chance2Win does not manage your event. Each charity manages their own fully functional and secure raffle fundraising or crowdfunding website to host their event.

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