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September 16, 2020

Virtual Tricky Tray

Hosting a Virtual Tricky Tray can be easy!

After doing tens of thousands of online fundraising raffles, we started working on our Virtual Tricky Tray Software to do online Chinese Auctions and Raffles for fundraisers.    We get calls every day, "Our fundraiser got cancelled, we have all their prizes and baskets and need to host a basket raffle online"  Well fortunately, our development team has built a solid, secure platform to easily host your online virtual tricky tray!

How can I run a Virtual Tricky Tray basket raffle for charity fundraising?
  • Due to the legal requirements for online raffles, only IRS verified Tax Exempt Non Profits are eligible to hold their virtual Chines Auction/Raffle.  As long as you have your non profit status and it can be verified, you are past step 1.
  • Certain states do not allow virtual charity raffles.  Our virtual tricky tray software at is available to 45 states.  We host your online raffle for you, but you run it.  Your organization is responsible to creating your rules and eligibility.
  • Once you sign up and select a package, simply fill out the raffle setup form and we will build your virtual basket raffle website and link it to your CC payment processor.
  • Share your site with your friends and supporters!
What does the Virtual Tricky Tray Website look like?

Chance2Win will brand your site to match your organization logo.  You can add sponsors and some pictures.  Here are a few samples of some recent Online Chinese Auctions we hosted.

As you can see - there are a variety of different options available for your online tricky tray raffle.

How hard is it to setup our prize baskets?

It is actually pretty easy to setup your prizes.  What we suggest is to make a spreadsheet of all the prizes,  Number them and assign them to categories to make it easy for your customers to sort them.  Things like For the Guys, Pamper Her, Outdoor Entertainment, Dining Out, Kitchen Supplies, etc.  Each tricky tray will have a title (max 40 characters) a description and an photo.    Here is a quick video of how the setup goes:

Expand Your Fundraising With An Online Raffle

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