Who can host an online charity raffle?

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April 19, 2020

Who can host an online charity raffle?

Am I a legitimate charity?


People in general want to do good and help others - it is in our nature. The challenge is that raffles, especially charity raffles for fundraising are a regulated article. I bet you are now wondering, why is that? To be honest, we are not exactly sure. In many states the laws and rules about hosting an online raffle are tied to online gaming laws. In other states is falls under the Department of Agriculture – weird right? And it appears that some states just want their $35 permit fee. The bottom line is every state is different and we urge you to do your due diligence to ensure that you can, in fact, legally host a raffle in your state.

What does all this mean?

The one thing that has remained common across the board is that raffles must be run by an officially recognized Charity or Non-Profit Organization. In most cases, that means that the organization has a 501c3 or similar status. While a 501c3 is the most known status, there are others, such as a 501c7, which are also allowed to host charitable raffles in many states. Chance2Win has been advised that we should only accept customers who are legitimate NonProfit or Charitable Organizations. When you sign up with our service, we ask that you enter your organization’s info such as your website and/or any social media accounts. The more information you provide will assist us verifying your charity quickly, so you can get started setting up your raffle website ASAP.

How does Chance2Win verify our organization?

First we check your organization in the IRS database this will verify if you have a current status. We will then check your website and all social media accounts to ensure that your organization matches the one on file with the IRS. It is hard to believe, but some people have given names of legitimate charities, when in fact they are not representing that organization. If you are unsure if your organization meets the requirements, just give us a call. We are open to help you Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm EST.

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