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About Chance2Win

Chance2Win is an Online Raffle Website Service. We make doing an Internet Charity Raffle easy with a stress free setup and full reporting. You have a few different options to picking a winner, we can do it via our random website winner drawing, or you can export or print tickets and do a manual drawing. Most raffles are setup within a few business days. Just like a traditional raffle, when someone buys a ticket or numbers of tickets, a unique ticket number is assigned to that user and they get the ticket numbers in an email when they checkout.

Who we are?

That requires a little background. Chance2Win was started by a web development team who have been building dedicated charity raffle websites for over a decade. We started building custom websites back in the fall of 1993. Over the years we have worked with many companies, large and small and then several years ago we were asked to build a non profit fundraising raffle website that would generate unique ticket numbers. It was a problem that some other web developers had problems solving. To us, it just made sense. As we spend more and more time looking at the raffle process and studying how people bought tickets and what they expected to receive we kept adding features. For example, in a traditional raffle tickets are $10. With all the volunteers and various people selling tickets, how do you manage the money to offer ticket packages? Such as 3 tickets for $25. With our online solution that is simple. We watched the fundraising results grow for our customers and we decided to build an online raffle ticket system to offer to other web developers. That system is powering thousands of charity raffles worldwide. If you have a web developer who is familiar with WordPress and WooCommerce and want to build your own website you can purchase that software at WPRaffle.com. Over the years we have assisted web developers and charities setup thousands and thousands of websites worldwide.

Chance2Win started with some of our employees and friends. Because we did so many online raffle websites for various charities, several of our employees and family and friends were always asking us to setup a “small” website to do a charity raffle for their school, or church, or girls softball team,or boys hockey team. While we love to give back to the community it was starting to overtake our real job. We created Chance2win as a way to easily setup a raffle website for non-profits and charities that our customers and our team members were involved with. More and more organizations started asking us if they could use it and Chance2Win was born. They asked us how much – we asked what others were charging and set our prices at less than half. It has always been a labor of love for our company and has always been about helping others. We split off from the original Web Development company a few years ago but share an office and some employees work for both businesses.

A lot has changed in the past few years. While we started this for small charities, we have built it into individual full featured charity raffle websites. We setup raffles anywhere from $2,000 in ticket sales to hundreds of thousands of $$ in ticket sales. We have recently added the ability to do online basket raffles. If you have a specific need, give us a call, chances are we have seen it and know how to make it happen.

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