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  • How It Works

    In short, you are a legitimate charity and you purchase our service
    Here is what you get:

    We provide you with your own Charity Raffle Website

    A dedicated url to share – charityname.OurRaffle.org
    Raffle options based on the most popular and full featured raffle software available

    Logos for your Charity and sponsors

    You can setup tiered ticket pricing
    $10 for 1 ticket, $25 for 3 tickets, etc

    You can have ticket numbers to correspond with printed tickets if needed such as assigning numbers from 3001 to 10000 and you sell 1-2999 in person.

    Limit ticket sales such as no more than 5000 tickets will be sold
    $10 min transaction and traditional raffles have a $5 min ticket value and basket raffles have a $1 ticket min value. (Ex: 10 tickets for $10 for a basket raffle, 2 tickets for $10 for a traditional raffle)

    Ability to have various pictures for your raffle prizes.

    Custom branded customer email receipt

    Website is connected to your organizations cc processor so all payments are made directly to your account. Chance2Win does not process any payments for tickets. Customers enter their payment info and the payment is processed securely with the Charity’s Merchant Account. Credit Card info is not stored on the website.

    Ability to have various pictures for your raffle prizes.

    Custom branded customer email receipt

    Can see all orders

    Manual Order Entry to enter cash or check ticket sales

    Print tickets to do a manual drawing

    Export ticket db and do a mail merge for professional printed tickets

    What is the process to get started?

    We can only accept legitimate charities and non-profits. If we cannot find your organization in the IRS db for tax exempt organizations, then we need information that you have started the process and meet the requirements.

    Your Organization must have a Credit Card Merchant Account. If you do not – you will need one. Square and Stripe have the fastest turnaround time and they have typical rates. Paypal is not accepted.

    If you meet the above requirements, then your organization can purchase a website package. We will verify eligibility when we receive your order.

    You fill out Raffle setup form and we will implement your site – typically within 3 to 5 business days.

    What does it cost?

    We charge $279 to setup and host your raffle website for up to $5000 in contributions/donations/orders.

    When you go over $5000 we charge $120 to take you up to $10,000

    When you go over $10,000 we charge $259 which covers you to the next $10,000. Each $10,000 going forward is $259.

    Common Questions

    Can we use our PayPal account to process payments for tickets?

    No- Because different States have different rules for Charity Fundraising Raffles, PayPal expressly prohibits Charity Raffles in their Terms and Conditions. There are many other Merchant Processors available.

    Can we add prize baskets after the raffle starts? Some of our prizes have not been turned in.

    We are sorry, but you are not able to add prizes and baskets after any tickets have been sold. In many States, there are various laws in place to ensure that every entrant in your raffle has the exact same opportunity as any other entrant. Depending on interpretation, this could cause a legal issue, so our system was designed to ensure compliance. Once your fundraiser is available to purchase tickets, the ability of adding or editing prize baskets is disabled.

    Can we do a “Basket Raffle” or “Chinese Raffle”

    Yes, our newest version has the ability to handle ticket packages where the tickets are then assigned to various prizes when checking out. We have a prize category function where you setup your prize categories for filtering such as Restaurants, Gift Cards, Entertainment, Gifts, etc. Each prize needs a Title, Description and 1 Photo. Additionally, Basket Raffles cannot support another raffle on the same site.
    ** At the current time, we can only implement basket raffles this way. If you want lengthy descriptions, additional photos and adding sponsor links to each prize, we suggest making a PDF of more detailed info and we can post it.

    We are doing a basket raffle and want to have 4 levels of prize baskets.

    For example, we will have ticket prices of $2, $5, $10 and $25. $2 tickets can only be added to the $2 prize baskets. Etc.

    Absolutely! But we do it a little differently. We have a tiered basket configuration to set a require ticket per entry. By default all prize baskets are 1 ticket. You can edit each basket to require a different number of tickets. For example, if most of your baskets are the same, those can all be 1 ticket to enter. Then if you have some prizes that are worth considerably more then those baskets can be 3 tickets to enter and some really highend prizes could be 10 tickets to enter.

    Do you charge a percentage in addition to the fees above?

    No, our only charge is what is stated. In many States it is illegal to collect a percentage of a raffle. The credit card processing will charge typical fees. That is not part of our service.

    Can we add a service charge to the ticket price to help offset cc fees and the site cost?

    Yes, we have the ability to do that. Most charities will add a service charge between 6.5 to 10%. Our research shows that adding a Service Charge does not have a significant impact on your raffle orders. Most customers are used to a service charge on tickets and it is a great way to offset your fundraising expenses. We default to 7.5% when we set up your raffle unless you tell us otherwise. About 80% of Charities add a service charge.

    Our State requires we have the raffle site setup and available before we can accept orders.

    Sure, we will setup your site and help you make adjustments to meet your requirements. We will have it so you can do some test orders and review everything. You simply tell us when you want to take your raffle live and then you can share your website address.

    What does the customer get when they purchase raffle tickets

    Our virtual Charity Raffle Service will send the payment from your customer directly to the Charity Organization Credit Card Processor. When our system receives the authorization back from the Credit Card Processor the appropriate amount of raffle tickets are generated. The customer will see an order confirmation page on the website with their raffle tickets and also a reciept it emailed to them. What is presented is a little different depending on if it is a typical raffle or a basket raffle.

    Typical Raffle Order Confirmation page and Email Receipt.

    We did a fundraiser on Gofundme and they didn’t require a CC account, they simply sent us the money – we want you to do that for our raffle

    We cannot do that. A fundraiser and a raffle/charity raffles have different regulations. In almost every Jurisdiction in the US there are specific rules regarding payments for a raffle ticket. In some States, the Charity is required to have a separate bank account where the payments are deposited to avoid the possibility of co-mingling of raffle funds. It is your and the charity’s responsibility to follow the regulations for your location.